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Alexandria Rose Rizik is a published writer and award-winning director, born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona — where she was brought up by a large Armenian family. 

Her love for writing began when she was a young child and her aunt bought her a journal. She told Alexandria to write her a story and the rest is history. Her favorite part about writing is being able to write the 'happily ever after' that doesn't always happen in real life. 

She received a degree in English from Arizona State University and has contributed articles to publications such as and a community post to Buzz Feed. She won best female director at London Independent Film Awards for her short film, ‘Contentment’, in 2017. One of her latest projects is a short film that she wrote/directed titled, 'The Middle' — which was accepted into Festival De Cannes' 2018 Short Film Corner. 

She published her first children's book, 'Chocolate Milk', in 2017 and expects to debut her first novel, '21 Questions', in 2019. She also has two published short stories, ‘Floral Wallpaper’, in Junto Magazine (that she would love to eventually adapt into a film) and ‘The Writer, the Magician, & the Psychic’ in TROU Lit Magazine.

Besides writing, Alexandria loves yoga, wine, and family time.  

Make sure to follow her on all of her social media handles to stay updated on upcoming projects! You can also view her film ‘Contentment’ on Amazon Prime.

November 19, 2017
Cheeky Chic Baby & Kids Boutique
"Chocolate Milk" Book Signing
Mon, Aug 05
Los Angeles
Good Morning La La Land
Sat, Dec 08
Mesa, AZ, USA
Mesa Book Festival
Sun, Nov 25
Cheeky Chic Baby & Kids Boutique
"Chocolate Milk" reading/signing


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