How 21 Questions came to be...

April 27, 2016

Writing goes beyond just a passion for me; it is therapy, medication, a form of meditation if you will. Writing "21 Questions" was my outlet for dealing with a breakup at a young age. Writing is what I know, so in dire need of mending my teenage broken heart, I took away at the keyboard. It was a dark part of my life and re-writing the story (with a slightly different ending) seemed to be how I got through it, using my relationship as the outline and filling it in with my crazy imagination. I originally wrote the novel as a screenplay. I took the screenplay

to a friend of mine who was a director which began a long process of trying to put a film production together.  After many sleepless nights editing the script together, holding auditions, and planning every aspect of a film, we launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to fund it. Unfortunately, the campaign didn't prove successful.


After about a year of sitting on it- and the same person who inspired this piece reentering my life (and leaving once again)- I visited my psychic, Durga Ma, who told me I needed to start focusing on doing the things I love. From there, I decided to adapt the script into a novel. Hours spent in coffee shop after coffee shop and I ended up with a 54,000-word novel. I had never felt so accomplished in my life. MY FIRST NOVEL! It was one of those moments you always imagine but you never actually understand until it has been completed. Next came the not-so-fun part: editing. After cleaning it up and adding all other necessary elements to the book I had a 67,000-word manuscript on my hands- at this point I realized my once broken heart had been a novel in disguise all along. It felt like what I expect delivering your first child is like. This book was my baby. A majority of the characters were inspired by people I know. But you know what they say, "writing is rewriting."

21 Questions is a beautiful coming-of-age story that deals with the many aspects of relationships- from relationships with friends, your parents, to first loves told from the perspectives of the two protagonists, Brock and Kendra.  These two teenagers, whose pasts have created so much depth within them, were brought together by some strange aligning in the stars- but surely it was no accident.


I think sharing the story of a first love in its rawest and realest form makes for such a great story because of its relatability; we've all been there and we all know what that first heartache feels like.


This blog is dedicated to sharing the process of my journey in finding a home for my work in the publishing world. 


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