Brock & Kendra - The Protagonists behind "21 Questions"

April 29, 2016

The characters behind 21 Questions-


Brock and Kendra are proof that opposites attract. Brock comes from a family of drug dealers that “pimp” their son out to build up their teenage clientele. Brock is an empath with a very self-absorbed side (because this is all he knows). To him, nothing is that big of a deal. He’s wild and is always ready for a party. He’s organized in the things that he is passionate about. He is one of those people that is extremely smart but does not apply himself in school. He is not the “boyfriend” type but Kendra seems to change that. He likes his freedom and commitments make him run in the opposite direction. “Love” was never a word in his vocabulary until Kendra entered his world. His confidence is apparent and it totally makes the reader “fangirl” over him.  


Kendra on the other hand is a girl who has always played it safe. She knows when to say “when.” Kendra grew up without a mother so she is childlike compared to her peers in the respect of not knowing how to apply makeup or put herself together in a fashionable manner. But she does know how to surf and she’s damn good at it. She carries that passion for surfing in all other aspects of life, especially when it comes to helping others. It hurts her when she sees people wasting their lives away with things such as drugs. She is an introvert. An empath. A helper. A fixer. A listener and very easy-going. Someone who thinks before they act. She is kind and gentle yet firm and strong in her beliefs. She has nightmares about being late to class and ditching would never even cross her mind (until Brock came around). She doesn’t like to gossip much and tries to keep her focus on school and surfing.


What I love most about Brock is his ability to pull out this lax side of Kendra and vice versa. Kendra knows how to tame this bad boy.


The ironic part about these two characters is that Kendra’s brother died of an overdose and Brock deals drugs. The stars seemed to align in a perfect mess bringing these two together.


The truth is they are both old souls- even Brock. He may be a bad boy with a tyrant side but truly he is beyond his years. He has seen a lot and done a lot that makes his character very interesting. He enjoys a good glass of merlot but at the same time, he wants to snort a line on Friday nights with his homies.


Kendra is relatable and loveable. She melts in her own awkwardness, constantly destroying the moment with a sarcastic and witty retort. She also deals with quite a bit of anxiety that we see constantly through flashbacks of her brother.


Her innocence is corrupted when Brock comes into her life. He is that boy that opens her naïve teenage eyes.


Brock Parker is every girl’s dream guy, the way he holds himself with swagger and spits game like it’s a sport.


These two characters balance each other out and make for a remarkable love story about first loves.



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