Choosing Laguna Beach for "21 Questions"

April 30, 2016

The Setting Behind 21 Questions-


21 Questions takes place in Laguna Beach, California. A majority of the scenes take place on the beach (either surfing or at bonfires), Laguna Beach High, the homes of the main characters and other spots in this small town- from movie theaters to haunted houses.


I chose Laguna Beach as the hometown for these characters for a couple of reasons. First of all, personally, my family has been travelling to Laguna Beach every Fourth of July since my mom was seventeen years old. This town feels like home to me.


Another reason I chose Laguna is because the protagonist, Kendra Dimes, is a surfer. Laguna was a place I was familiar with and could easily talk about that was also a setting in which Kendra could reside.


I loved Laguna for this story because it is a small town in which everyone knows everyone. I really wanted that “home-y” small-town vibe for these characters. It has the exclusivity of a beach town that wealthier residents can call home but there is also that coziness to it because it is so small.


On top of everything, Laguna is such a beautiful beach, who wouldn’t want to live there? Since I can’t, I think vicariously living through my characters is the next best thing.



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