The Characters Behind "Contentment"

Characters of “Contentment”




This post delves into each character of my short film "Contentment"- who they are, their desires, the core of their being and how this affects each choice they make throughout the film. 



Scout: Protagonist. She is a numbers girl- for her there is one answer to every problem. She is 22 years old and just graduated college with a degree in business marketing. She is a strong, independent woman who sees no reason in settling down at this point in her life as she just wants to have fun and enjoy her youth. She keeps her emotions to herself, letting very few in through the door that leads to her emotional side. That is until she meets Brian. He slowly begins to unravel her, but then he is sent off to the military. At this point she turns her sadness into anger. She then meets Miles who is charming and quite funny by all means. Although she enjoys his company and he is truly a nice person, there isn’t a connection and she isn’t 100% happy. Her biggest fear is now questioning whether or not she will ever love again the way she loved Brian. In the end she gives in to her creative side and attends the open mic night at a winery to read her poetry (which only Brian knows about). This is a turning point where we see strong Scout choke up.

Drinks: White Wine


Brian: Brian is 27 years old. He is a fun, loving, loyal guy who is dedicated to his country. He comes from a long line of soldiers, so this is all he knows. He is a cool guy who isn’t phased by much being that he has served in the Army and has seen people die right in front of him. He has never had a problem picking up girls but there is something different about Scout. We see confusion in his eyes as he slowly and unexpectedly falls in love with her. In a way, it freaks him out because this is not part of the plan, especially since he is reenlisting in the military. When he gets the news, he is hesitant to telling Scout. He knows he has to do this though even if it means saying goodbye because at this point in his life he has already served once and completed school but is unsure of what he wants to do for work. This uncertainty drives him back to the military and although he and Scout are in love, he is not ready for marriage and would never want to take Scout away from her comfortable life and new job. But a part of him has faith that they will find each other again someday.

Drinks: Red Wine


Miles: Miles is 25, charming, and all around the perfect package- but Scout isn’t looking for perfect. He owns his own business and loves talking about himself and his dog. He comes from a wealthy family and has always gotten everything he has ever wanted. This includes Scout. He charms her with his witty humor and lures her in with constant purchases of affection. Although he is a kind man who will give Scout anything she desires, he looks at women as another prize or goal in life that he has to attain in order to feel secure. Do not mistake his character for having bad intentions or ulterior motives- he is truly a good person, just self-serving and not for Scout.  

Drinks: Dark Beer  


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