The Artist's Way...and how it applies to everyone's lives.

August 8, 2016


A few years ago, someone recommended a book to me titled, "The Artist's Way" written by Julia Cameron. I purchased the book, read through the first page and put it down. Fast forward three years and somehow this book sparked my interest, this time allowing myself to delve into it full force. 


While reading through each lesson of this "spiritual path to higher creativity" (as written on the cover), I realized these concepts are more than just for the everyday artist — they are something everyone should read. But then again, aren't we all artists of something? During the course of this book, I am going to share with you my experiences in completing the lessons and morals that, not only artists, but every individual can take with them and use in their own lives. 


The introduction of this is all about realizing you are a creative. You are an artist — and nobody can tell you any different. Our whole life, people discourage the arts. Society has convinced us that it is much easier to survive working a "9 to 5" — leaving us fearful of an inconsistent artist's life. But can't you just as easily fail at that comfortable job that is supposed to be there for you day after day? People get laid off all the time, especially in modern day America where there are few jobs and our employment rate has dropped drastically. 


During this lesson, we also learn the value of "Morning Pages" — basically a diary in which you are to write in every morning. The most important things about it is CENSORS OFF. Another trait deemed as inappropriate. But as writers, painters, filmmakers, PEOPLE — censors are the ultimate enemy. They are a WALL blocking our souls from reaching full potential. Morning pages allow us to take the first five minutes of our day and spill ourselves onto three pages without feeling judged or questioned. The key is to just WRITE and keep WRITING. Stop THINKING — something humanity seems to do too often nowadays. Just three pages. 


One more important the introduction of this course teaches us is the "Artist Date" — one day a week in which you take yourself out and do something maybe out of the ordinary, like visit a museum. Or something even as simple as going to see a movie by yourself. This is your time to be one on one with yourself and enjoy your own company. 


As you can see, the artist's way should be THE WAY that we choose to live our lives. It is a reminder of how often the human mind wanders from their dreams. Choose to live yours without fear of the unknown beyond the mountain...for sometimes there will be a spring of beautiful waters that lie below.


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