My most anticipated films of this year!!

August 24, 2016

As an aspiring filmmaker, one of my favorite things to do is watch movies — whether it be out and about post-wine bar sippin' or even cuddled up in my bedroom with my three sisters engaged in a full on Nicholas Sparks movie marathon. 



I feel that summertime is coming to an end and all of the amazing fall & winter movies are soon to be released! Out of all of these promising pics, there are a handful that I am REALLY looking forward to seeing. (And I know some of them are already out, so I need to get my butt to the theaters STAT — mostly so I can enjoy them with a bucket of buttery popcorn & cookie dough bites!!) 


1. The Café Society — Fucking all star cast, from Blake Lively, Kristin Stewart, Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg, and the list continues. I am super excited to see this because — not only is it a Woody Allen film — but it also takes place in 30's Hollywood. 


2. Equals — The twisted combination of a scifi & romance is like peanut butter and banana; who thought you could combine a fruit and protein and make fucking magic? This one stars Kristin Stewart as well as Nicholas Hoult as the two fall in love in an "emotionless utopia...when they regain feelings from a mysterious disease" (according to IMDb). 


3. Why Him? —  I already know where I will be Christmas night: at the theater to see James Franco in all of his twisted humoring glory. This one looks SO funny — just a good ol' trashy comedy about a father's rivalry with his daughter's wealthy bf. 


 4. American Honey — Two words (and they happen to be proper nouns): Shia LaBeouf. That means it is promised to be a masterpiece. Art. Compelling in every form, from characterization to dialogue to setting to basically EVERYTHING. This is a coming of age film in which a young girl (played by Sasha Lane) joins a magazine sales crew and embarks on an adventure that forces her to engage in partying, law breaking, and...young love. Basic concept with strong  


5. La La Land — Remember the beauty and simplicity of the Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks era? That is how I feel about Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. I fell in LOVE with their chemistry in “Crazy Stupid Love” and that film has left me quite excited for this next romance “La La Land” — which was written and directed by the same writer and director of “Whiplash.” So I’m sure we can expect many award nominations (and hopefully potential wins). 

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