Why Creative Minds Should Be Utilizing 21st Century Technology

October 9, 2016


Us Millennials have this unhealthy relationship with social media and modern technology and —like most addictions go — insist that we hate it but are also unable to keep ourselves from scrolling through feeds full of pictures, statuses, relationship goals and silly videos. 


Social media has taken a lot of hits and our parents presume that texting is the reason we lack vital "communication skills." But what if we viewed the advancements of technology as a gift instead of a curse? Think about it, we are constantly immersed in story, visuals, snippets of dialogue. We should be seizing this as an opportunity to let our creative brain flourish! 


As a writer, I cherish conversations with people. When conversing with interesting individuals, I constantly find myself writing down their words to use in  short stories, scripts, etc. Sometimes if I'm struggling with writing dialogue, I search through old text messages with people to serve as inspiration and it REALLY works. 


The creative children of this generation have so many tools to make their work seen and heard! All they have to do is press "post." It's amazing when you think about it. Filmmakers can utilize Youtube, Vimeo, and Vine to grow their fan base of viewers. Photographers have Instagram and there are a ton of ways for writers to start their own blogs. It is almost like the internet can be used as a giant portfolio for creatives and even encourage the more "left-brained" people to tap into their right brain. 



Not only is it a way to display work, but the internet is a great tool for networking. Artists are a rare and special breed and finding people to connect with that are willing to critique your work or even help out on a future project is so easy with the whole world connected online!


There is good and bad in everything, but the good can be more dominant when chosen by US. 

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