Why I Love Movies that Make Me Cry <3

January 7, 2017



When was the last time you went to a movie and cried your eyes out? Think about it... what made you cry? Why did you cry? 


After watching (first) 500 Days of Summer and (then) Blue Valentine, I realized there is nothing better than a good ol' cry when engaged in the art of cinema. 


There is something so beautiful being able to connect with a film that makes you feel something — maybe it is hope that someone out there, fictional or not, has gone through the same thing as you. Maybe not the same scenario, but the parallels that you draw in the emotions, gives you a sense of relief. The kind of relief that a child holds in the back of their mind that Santa Claus IS real. Despite what they've been told by the bitch at school who (obviously) never had a childhood...sorry that accelerated quickly. 


Yes, it is good to watch (and make) movies that make you laugh until your stomach hurts but it may be more important to watch and make films that make you cry until your heart aches. Why? Because, movies that make you laugh are the right medication to get your mind off things, they are an escape. But aren't the films that we connect and relate to the most in difficult times the ones that make us cry our eyes out!? YESSSSSS. They are. They are magical and linger in our minds and make our physical beings relive shaky moments. They are reassuring and real and happy in the nostalgic kind of way. 




When I watched Blue Valentine I couldn't help but shed a tear, then full blown hysterics broke loose. By the end... 




No, I didn't grow up in Brooklyn and  fall in love with a guy only to find out I was pregnant with someone else's baby and then have to try and salvage our marriage years later. BUT, as a human being with a heart and soul and experiences, I empathized with them. I felt what they were going through even though I'd never gone through it. And a part of me was able to connect the feelings I assumed they had with emotions I've had before in different circumstances. Feelings of helplessness, love, confusion, loneliness. 


None of us are that different from one another. We feel the same things but it is what stimulates those feelings that make us different. But when it comes to the art of film...well, those are the moments we are bonded by to feel the same thing together at the same time from the same characters. 


Overall, I think that when a movie makes us cry, it's because we connected with a piece of it, maybe all of it. Isn't that the point? To evoke some sort of emotion?


Sounds kind of like magic...





Alexandria Rose Rizik 



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