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Okay, so we all know the "50 Shades" trilogy has a certain reputation. But there is so much more depth to this series than people explain. I literally cried at least three times while watching the sequel, "50 Shades Darker." Maybe I'm just weird, but there is a certain message that lies beneath the (sexy) surface of this film — like people can change for the sake of love. 


In this sequel, Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) is reunited with her kinky lover, the infamous...Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan). There was a lot more drama than I expected. When you think of this film and what people have stripped it down to, you think of sex every other scene with whips and chains and butt plugs. But that wasn't the case — in fact, the storyline is interesting. I swear to you I jumped multiple times, completely taken aback by each scene. 


Basically Christian Grey has a former lover after Anastasia and it gets to a point where she even — actually, I won't spoil it for you. Anastasia also has a jealous boss that is trying to get her to sleep with him, but naturally, billionaire Christian Grey buys the entire company and gets him fired. But that is surely not the last we've seen of him...


I really loved the shots and mood overall of the film. There were some beautiful moments, my favorite being when Christian and Anastasia were on his boat. Those water scenes were amazing. I thought some of the writing was cliche, for example, "I didn't want to wake you, you looked so peaceful." But I liked the way the actors pulled it off. They had great chemistry and really worked well to make some of these "cliches" come off natural. 


What I also enjoyed, was the "world" that is explored in this film. It's not commonly acceptable to examine the world of BDSM and I find it very interesting. I suppose you have to be comfortable with that topic in order to watch the film but it really isn't as graphic as you might expect or what people have led you on to believe.


 Lastly, I think there are some great lessons in there, like when Christian almost comes face to face with death and Anastasia isn't certain if he's alive. She tells his mother, "But we haven't had any time together yet." It makes you really think about life and how short it is and the people you love. Another lesson, as I mentioned before, Christian changing his sexually dominant ways for the sake of love, his love for Anastasia in particular...but maybe she doesn't want him to as much as she thought. ;) 


I, personally, think that chick flicks are super underrated, and this film is one example! Obviously, there are some cheesy moments, but come on! It's Christian and Anastasia! I really enjoyed the film and I didn't even read the novels. Check it out and make sure you watch the first one before! And go in without any biases about what you might have heard. It really does have a strong storyline (despite some of the cliche lines).  


( WILL be fantasizing about finding your own Christian Grey after watching)








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