My Experience Auditioning for "The Bachelor"

November 20, 2018

It was March of 2018 and I was post breakup. Ugh. Worst feeling EVER. But my three sisters thought they had just the fix to get me out of my slump — “let’s sign Al up for The Bachelor”.


To say my sister, Angelica, is obsessed with the whole Bachelor Nation shenanigans is an understatement…she is FANATICAL.


Anyway, I was unaware of my participation in these auditions until I received an e-mail from one of their casting directors (see below):





I was taken aback to say the least and at first I thought it was fake or something. I was at a photoshoot with my sisters when I got the notification and when I told them, they spilled the beans. LOL.


So, I responded to the e-mail. I mean, come on, I had to respond…It’s THE BACHELOR!


The journey of auditioning for one of America’s longest standing reality shows began. After responding to the casting director’s e-mail, I had to send her a group of photos and fill out the application with questions ranging from “what is your highest level of education?” to “have you ever participated in online dating?”


This was my personal favorite:




Following the application and photos, she asked for me to submit a video but then decided to do a recorded Skype call instead. More questions! I had to stand up and show her what I looked like, basically what my body looked like. Blah. Blah. Blah. She also wanted to know about my previous relationship — yikes. I told her all about how I totally caught my ex with another girl and was busted stalking him with my sisters (although, I like to refer to it as research). And thank goodness I was doing my research…


 Anyway, about a month went by after the Skype sesh because the casting directors were all out of town.




I got a text from her saying they were holding auditions in Scottsdale and wanted to meet me in person.


I dieted for a whole two weeks (which was harder said than done). Then came the day — June 16th. I pulled up to the Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch — my mom and sister drove me because, well, I’ll admit I took a shot or two of Tito’s beforehand. I was nervous!


(Below: That's me the day of)




There were a handful of girls outside the lobby in their Forever 21 rompers, false lashes, and six-inch pumps. Obviously, they were there for the same reason.


I found my way to the conference room where (at least) 100 other girls sat around — some getting their photos taken (with their roses in hand), others submitting themselves to the nerve-racking process of waiting around for hours. I was hoping not to see anyone I knew (kind of awk), but I did. Although I didn’t really know this person, we’d gone to high school together many years ago, so we didn’t greet each other or anything like that. I honestly hate running into people when I’m out. LOL. Ugh. #IntrovertProbs


ANYWAY…thank goodness I ran into the casting director (love you, Chelsea!) I’d been talking to the past few months while I was there, and she had me cut all of the lines and get straight to the recorded interview. She led me to another area of the resort where a few women sat outside of the interview room. I sat down next to them, the woman going before me around 36-38 years old. We got to talking and she told me this was her second time auditioning for the bachelor — she was a single mom of two teens.


I give her credit for giving it a second chance! She explained to me what the whole process looked like last time. Next thing I knew, it was her turn to interview.


“Good luck!” I said.


The girl that came and sat next to me was a young blonde girl, probably my age, give or take a few years. She was a hair dresser just down the street from where I lived. She REEKED of bachelor material. Bubbly. Outgoing. Perfect teeth. Long golden locks. Basically a Pilates Barbie.


In the middle of our conversation, the interviewer lady walked outside and said my name.

Interview time…


I walked into a mostly-empty room — minus the long table and the camera sitting on a tripod. It was just the interviewer and I, which was kind of nice actually.


She asked me a variety of questions from, “what do you do for a living” to “who is your current fave on this season of the bachelor” — they ask this to get a hint of the fan favorite/potential bachelor for the upcoming season and also to see who you’re looking at, increasing your chances of people selected if you say that person’s name. Truthfully, I’d forgotten most of the guys’ names on this season of Bachelorette, so I named the only one I remembered and that was HOT AF. COLTON!!!!


“I feel like I’m already dating him,” I said. Maybe that was too much… Yikes. (PS…he ended up being the bachelor for this upcoming season!)


Okay, so the interview went really fast. That was it.


I said goodbye to my new friends, the casting directors, and departed (somewhat feeling Tito’s a little more by now).


Then it became a waiting game…


They had to choose a bachelor after the season of Bachelorette ended then they’d choose the female contestants.


Time went on and I watched Bachelorette AVIDLY. I just wasn’t sure by the end though if that’s what I really wanted. It was weird to imagine…me in this house with twenty-something other girls, fighting for a guy! That didn’t seem like love to me at all — at least not a kind of love I wanted. Yeah, maybe it’d be fun. Maybe I’d fall madly in love with someone and our story would be one of those magical ones you hear about where they met on TV and even though there were twenty other girls, he always knew it was me (sorry, writer’s fantasy). But, I couldn’t imagine. Plus, you can’t have cell phones for the whole duration of filming and hello! I don’t go two minutes without talking to my mom or sisters. So realistically, I realized this wasn’t for me. BUT, I’m so glad I had the experience of putting myself out there and learning more about the whole process! It was fun and gave me something to look forward to during that time period of my life.


Glad I could share this with you!


Hope you enjoyed my story!


Let me know what you think in the comments below!



Al Pal

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